About us

Gabriela Sibaja Vargas

Clarinet, bass clarinet, Duduk


hill of tremor and thunder

ashes from the past and fire from the present

flowing rivers and eternal lava

journey of moons and seas

holtz from the east… winds from the west

We could say that we actually met on stage... I had decided to attend a concert at the bar where he had decided to take a gig that night. Just three strangers who, without knowing it, were going to end up improvising live sounds on stage an hour later that same night. An unexpected RDV between us. The freshness of our first encounter has led us to a continuous search of improvised sounds using a large variety of instruments: clarinet, bass clarinet,  double bass, electric mandolin, voice, effect pedals, drums and percussion.

Maurice Spitz 

 Double bass

Franck Thomelet

Drums , percussion








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