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Maurice Spitz 

Oud, electric mandolin, double bass


hill of tremor and thunder

ashes from the past and fire from the present

flowing rivers and eternal lava

journey of moons and seas

holtz from the east… winds from the west

We could say that we actually met on stage... I had decided to attend a concert at the bar where he had decided to take a gig that night. Just two strangers who, without knowing it, were going to end up improvising live sounds on stage an hour later that same night. An unexpected RDV between him and his oud and me and a borrowed pocket clarinet. The freshness of our first encounter has led us to a continuous search of improvised sounds using a large variety of instruments: clarinet, bass clarinet, oud, double bass, electric mandolin, voice, effect pedals, etc.

Gabriela Sibaja Vargas

Clarinet and bass clarinet









Gabriela SIBAJA VARGAS. Clarinet and bass clarinet.

Born in Costa Rica, Gabriela Sibaja Vargas started playing the clarinet in a middle school orchestra program in the United States in 1999. She continued her musical studies at the National Institute of Music in Costa Rica, where she collaborated with the Youth Symphony Orchestras of Costa Rica and Central America, as well as with the National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica. In 2010, she traveled to France to continue her musical studies at the Regional Conservatory of Rouen, the University of Rouen and the “Pôle d'Enseignement Supérieur Spectacle Vivant Bretagne-Pays de la Loire”, where she obtained bachelor degrees in clarinet performance, music education and musicology. Laureate of the "Sewannee Summer Concerto Competition Music Festival" in Tennessee, USA, Gabriela has performed as a soloist with the Sewannee Summer Music Festival Orchestra, the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica and the Orchestra of the Conservatory of Rouen. Passionate about teaching, she has worked in different conservatories and music schools in France, as well as in Costa Rica.

Maurice SPITZ. Oud, Guitar, bass, doublebass, percussion and voice.

Improvising musician having started learning the guitar at an early age, Maurice began his bass career at the M. A. I. of Nancy, France and then studied double bass at the Conservatory of Duisburg in Germany. Since then, he has studied oriental music in Morocco (Issawas of Meknes), Turkey (with Kudsi Ergune) and Egypt (with Georges Gamil), as well as lived a year in Madras,India to study South India’s carnatic singing and electric mandolin (with M.S. Subbramanhiyam and T.M. Krishna). In 2011, he was finalist of the “National Jazz Competition of La Défense, France” with “boNObo-trio” after the release of their album recorded with Médéric Collignon. With the trio “Les Voilà Voilà”, he has performed in all of the major jazz venues in France. Currently, Maurice composes and performs with “Karuna” (Indian Jazz), “Sibémo” (Jazz) and “Irazú” (Improvised Music).


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